Blogging Tools For A Successful Business

Blogging for business should not be so stiff and formal but should be a venue for enjoyable writing and staying connected to customers and social networks. Keeping your blog site burning with great ideas, innovative promotions and massive news about your products and services is very crucial to your business. That is why there is the need to search for some helpful blogging tools that will do the trick for a more successful business. Here are just some of the so many helpful blogging tools you can use for a more successful business.

1. Book Marking Service and Following Email And Posts Via Gmail

You may start by simply setting up Gmail as your bookmarking service. You may choose between using the “Gmail this” booklet or Gmail’s 2.0 version wherein it becomes even easier to toss all emails that encourage you to get your blogging connected with your other various links. With the man-readable permalinks, you just have to haul them over into a bookmark folder. And should you need to have some kind of storage for all the feedbacks you receive, keep them separated from your daily mail by using the “filters and persistent searches” feature of Gmail.

2. Using Tumblr Web Application

There are quick-post blogs facilitated by the Tumblr webapp that enables your business postings, IM chats, media tidbits and videos and photos not so threatening as when you use HTML spaces of WordPress, the Movable Type and other known platforms which are still the ideal application to use for longer, text-and-links posts but not to quick-blogging posts which are more suitable for your business.

3. Great Posting Ideas With Foxmarks

You may use the Foxmarks bookmark synchronizer to make your bookmarking toolbar appear as a worldwide planning space that you can drag and then drop your links to. And should you want to have more control over your backed-up bookmarks, you may always synchronize it with their own server and can thereafter be used with the portable Firefox to make blogging for your business much easier and more successful.

4. Don’t Dwell Too Much On Resizing Images

Although blogging for business will do with merely writing some words, it would do your business a great leap to have some illustrations or images as well. However, finding just the ideal image to emphasize a post and making it fit perfectly in your blog will take more time than necessary. That is why it is important that you get hold of Photoshop applications, or their open-source substitute, GIMP, or other image-editing sites available online and which you may use free from any charge.

5. Picnik Applications And Others

Or you may also well consider using Picnik application which is important for your right-click Firefox extension and integration with Flickr. On one hand, should you have a whole set of photos to upload to your post, you may use the Windows Image Resizer ideal for Windows-use only. Using it will bring an elegant outcome. Follow up with Picasa for exporting and resizing functionality and you are definitely on your way to blogging for business to success.

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