Coldfusion webhosting

There are more than 125,000 ColdFusion servers deployed today. If your website is powered by ColdFusion, then you may want to check how is the current web hosting companies today are supporting this interesting technology. ColdFusion is an OS-agnostic technology and has a rapid application development tool to build powerful websites in a short time.

The ColdFusion development suite is a complete package to get you going in your web development immediately. ColdFusion technology integrates the web page into a database easily. There is web services support and it uses a tag-based scripting just like XML to tap the underlying Java power under the hood. You can get ColdFusion as a stand-alone package installation or along an application server that uses J2EE.

Unlike other programming languages for developing web pages such as PHP or Asp.NET, ColdFusion is written using XML tags and uses its own ColdFusion Markup Language. ColdFusion today has been used on web pages requiring large-volumes of data and high-demand transactions in the ecommerce,in the automation and other different web applications in hundreds of industries from the US National Defense to eBay.

For the more complex web application for large businesses, there is ColdFusion Enterprise Edition. Simple applications can use the standard ColdFusion edition. While ColdFusion relies on Java, it’s original inception as a Windows application has several web hosting companies specializing in its support in Windows platforms. Nevertheless, ColdFusion is also for the small-to-medium business.

There are several criteria for choosing a ColdFusion web hosting company. If you are not the one who develop the code of your website, then you should work with your developer in best choosing the web hosting company. The version of ColdFusion in the web hosting company should be compatible with your version. If you are using the latest ColdFusion MX today, then the web hosting company should also have the latest version.

The latest version has the most advanced option and has the most number of supported databases. If you are using a shared web hosting solution, then there is a security risk involved in using ColdFusion and many web hosting company do not allow this. This is because some of the tags is able to delete other files in the server. The only way around this is to use a dedicated web hosting server.

The platform of the server is a determing factor to consider. The functions of your web site and the type of database used in your ColdFusion application will also give a strong indication of which platform to choose. Today, there are offerings for ColdFusion servers in Windows, Linux and Sun.

In summary, it is the cost, the experience and the technical support that you should carefully consider in choosing the web hosting company. The features of ColdFusion are scaled in a way that allows low-budget small businesses to use ColdFusion. The features can be scaled up to support high-powered web applications. The web hosting company’s website should have the needed information in terms of how long they have been operating and what services they are offering.

Research who are their clients and what their client’s review about the web hosting company. You can try to make a call of their support team and observe their response time and the manner of their answering your questions. By doing these research, you are ensuring that your website will perform to its optimum function and is available 24/7.

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