Since its inception, eBay seemed to be godsend entity to many especially those who want to find a lucrative way of earning a living. A lot of people contend that it is only with eBay that they were able to supplement their finances and extra necessities.

But the question of the majority still remains. Do people really need to sell something first before they can profit from eBay?

The answer is, undeniably, yes! Here some facts about eBay to support the answer:

The nature of eBay is focused on one thing: ONLINE MARKETING.

The concept behind eBay is the fact that it is an auction website. Therefore, to gain profit in a site like eBay is to sell something. It involves monetary transactions and deals, a niche market, and some strategies that can be commonly found in a typical market site.

Hence, a person that has no intentions of selling something on eBay does not actually have any business on eBay.

However, others may contend that buying a quality at the same time affordable product can also be considered as a profit. But nevertheless, taking a closer look at what profit really means, all of these boils down to the fact that whoever earns money benefits more.

Everything is a commodity.

Nowadays, everything seems to be a commodity, from mobile phones to even ideas. With an increasing rate on financial crisis, everybody seems to be finding ways how to earn a living. This goes to show why there are people who sell even the weirdest thing on eBay.

Some may assert that these things may not be true at all. But the question is, what if it is, indeed, true? What if there is really somebody out there who is in dire need of money and that there is nothing that he or she can trade but his or her own virginity?

These things may seem like too nuisance and may seem cheaper than what they had bargain for, but when necessities butts in, it’s down to a now or never battle in life.

Indeed, the realities of life are clearly manifested on the kind of transactions that goes on in eBay. In fact, what eBay has on its context is the same as what goes on in real life. Like eBay, life is like an auction, there are those who win and there are those who lose.

With all these facts, the concept of whether a person has to sell something first just to profit from eBay breaks down to two realities in life: money, thus, makes the world go round, and that profit is claimed where there is money.

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