Web hosting is a business provider space on a server or data center where website stored in it making these websites accessible on the internet. Web hosting can be availed in several ways. One of these methods is by doing the web hosting on your own so that you can have full control over the services and functionality to suit your specification. However, one of the drawbacks of this method is the financial aspect and as much as technical knowledge in setting up this kind of web hosting. In as much as skills, money, time and effort are needed in building up this hosting, one must consider the quality of the services that would become available.

One can opt to avail of a paid web hosting that provides the most granularities of choices in terms of software and configurations, hardware compute power, security and reliability. There is no optimized one-size fits-all solution here, and the solution that claims to be such is most probably an overkill of what is actually needed. Depending on the business’ technical specification, web hosting would cost at around $10 to $5,000 at a monthly cos. And ways of payment could vary according to business agreement of both web hosting provider and the client.

Small-scale to medium sized consumers can also prefer shared web services due to its minimum cost. Aside from a minimal monthly charge, individuals and businesses sometimes choose this type of hosting for it requires less technical know-how and provide basic services that they need. Moreover, shared web servers are convenient to use and serves similar purpose. Mostly of the paid web hosting providers offers money back guarantees without questions asked, whenever their services does not conform to the agreed conditions. Also they provide assurance of the highest percentage of uptime. In instances of their service failure such as downtime, they provide compensated reimbursement to their clients.

For those people whose technical know-how on web hosting is at an entry-level, it is best to first experience running their websites in a free web hosting than to avail directly on web hosting that has a monthly cost. Or if the situation suggests that a temporary host and storage is basically needed, then a free web hosting is strongly advisable. However in this venture, limitations are all at hand. The common limitations amongst all the free web hosting services are limited disk storage, minimal bandwidth, non guaranteed uptime, prohibited customization of your web pages, bundle of banner ads that should be posted in your site and zero customer support.

Web hosting could be simpler or far too complex process that depends on the functionality of the website that should provide a partial insight on how to best come up with the optimized choice in terms of whether a paid or free web hosting should fit the personal or business requirements and conditions.

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